2011 was a great year.

We recently took time for a leisurely staff outing at Wheatleigh – an annual tradition at the holidays where we celebrate our success and teamwork. The library at Wheatleigh is a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to anyone who visits or lives in the Berkshires – the prices are reasonable, the menu fantastic and…


Saying “Yes” to Creativity

I recently returned from a 5 day trip to Miami – a trip that coincided with Art Basel and Design Miami – but was primarily about exploring the possibilities of a new market. After 17 years in the Berkshires we’re spreading our wings and 2012 should find us with a foundation presence in Miami. So…


5 Useful Apps for Business Owners

Smart phones are everywhere and with them comes a growing library of apps to do almost anything you can imagine. As a business owner with limited amounts of time and lots of places to be, these apps can really come in handy for staying on top of all of your tasks. Studio Two has put together a list of 5 apps to help you stay connected and improve productivity from anywhere.

1. Square

What it does: Square gives you the power of your cash register on the go. A small device that hooks into your phone allows you to easily swipe credit cards, sell your merchandise, or accept donations from anywhere.

Cost: Free app (with paid account)


S2 Client Charley’s Fund Featured on MSNBC

Long time Studio Two client, and very important non profit, Charley’s fund recently appeared on MSNBC with Martin Bashir to talk about a very special day. Studio Two created and maintains the Charley’s Fund website and also worked with them to help launch their most recent campaign in honor of Charley’s 11th birthday on 11-11-11. With…


New Markets

Here at Studio Two we’re contemplating a big step into a new, urban market – potentially opening a satellite office for starters, seeking out new clients and ideas, and forming relationships with talented people. Its a big undertaking that presents a host of challenges as well as opportunities – and we’re doing this during a…


The Obsession 500

This image is a chalkboard at Barrington Coffee Roasting Company that represents a tiny slice of the vast knowledge, experience and passion that our client has for their product. What a telling image! Most of us think of coffee as something to look forward to in the morning, a warm, aromatic pick-me-up. Of course the…


Charley’s Fund Celebrates Charley’s 11th Birthday With 11-11-11 Birthday Page

Studio Two has collaborated with Charley’s Fund, a non profit dedicated to the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy, to launch a very special birthday page. Charley Seckler will celebrate his 11th birthday on 11-11-11 this year, in honor of that we have launched a special birthday campaign dedicated to donations and awareness that will help…