Studio Two is a full-service agency – ultimately our goal is not a particular product or capability but the shared vision of growth and development for our clients. We bring a suite of skills built around communications, technology, creativity and imagination to the table and we work with our clients to craft sustainable, effective strategies and campaigns focused on growth. We don’t have all the answers – we’re constantly learning along with our clients – but we do have decades of experience and significant skills to bring to the game. Let’s play.


Brand Development is the foundation of our work. We utilize an engaged but efficient process of defining the Vision, Values and Identity of an organization and expressing the brand through strategic marketing, graphic design and creative thinking.

We manage brands for our clients actively – maintaining strict adherence to brand standards over the lifecycle of the product or initiative. We work over the long term with our clients to update, adapt and manage their brands to keep the elements fresh and effective. We believe that good brands need time to breathe and develop and we monitor the performance of our brand systems over time where possible.

Graphic design is our profession. We develop designs that are contemporary, effective and robust. We manage the entire lifecycle of our design projects – concept development, design, estimating, proofing, vendor management and delivery. Accuracy, expert color management and attention to detail are all part of our daily practice. We specifically work with the client\’s budget – consulting with select vendors to optimize efficiency.

Packaging and labeling are technically challenging projects that require a lot of expertise. We have built long-term relationships with key vendors of specialty print and packaging services and have a lot of exerience navigating whe specific requirements of specialty food packaging and federal regulations.

The sites we design are contemporary, responsive, and open-source. We focus our design philosophy on a “form follows function” approach – designing sites that are flexible and capable of continuous evolution. The web is among the most important places where customers interact with your brand – we understand that and design our sites to create impact where it really matters.

Advanced e-commerce, user management and security, sophisticated event management – these are just some of the daily challenges that we address with our in-house web development team. From the inception of your online project we work with your goals to find the most efficient, robust solution available.

Our role is to help build your business. We develop marketing plans for your business or product, design and place advertising, and stay closely tuned to emerging trends for online marketing. Media planning and budgeting is a key part of our process and we work closely with our clients to develop sustainable, effective campaigns.

Stunning, award-winning photography by Studio Two Principal Kevin Sprague is at the heart of the brand identity and marketing for most of our clients. Fully conversant in every type of photographic challenge, we handle product and lifestyle, studio and location, portraits and conceptual. Advanced color control and asset management is part of our normal image workflow.

Online video and film media continues to explode in impact and significance. We provide expert and efficient production services for short and mid-length productions. Story design, planning, scriptwriting and production are all handled in-house. We edit in HD and soon in 4k and manage all aspects of content uploading and distribution online.

We offer hosting for our web clients on modern virtual server arrays colocated with in Albany, NY. Our servers are managed and monitored 24/7 and our development team has a direct connection with their engineers around the clock. We handle DNS and email routing, implementation of SSL certificates and PCI compliance, among other things.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) have become critical to any organization seeking to develop and grow their presence and market reach on the web. We employ a google-certified adwords specialist on staff and constantly pursue new techniques and opportunities for our clients.

Monitoring and managing analytics data is a key part of managing an effective online ecology. We work closely with google\’s systems to optimize our data collection and we perform comparative analysis of the performance of our family of websites to discover trends and ROI.