Midtown Video has been serving Florida and the USA with high-end commercial A/V (sound and video) equipment, installations, engineering and service for over 35 years.

The business is entering a period when a new generation of leadership is taking over. They had recently changed some fundamental aspects of the business, moving away from rentals and equipment sales and completely into systems design and management and they needed help articulating this transition to the market, as well as assistance with strategic planning and marketing execution.

We spent time with the owners listening to their opportunities, history and new challenges. We took the owners and staff through a branding process to examine what was changing about their core brand messaging. We developed a new website and marketing program and documented significant recent projects with photos and video. We are providing ongoing marketing support and strategy and working closely with them to make sure that their partners, customers and vendors are understanding the transition and that the flow of business continues to be robust.

“Kevin has an excellent Marketing Agency He can analyze your business and design a total strategy to keep your brand strong and visible aiming directly at the target audience.”

Kenn Miller
Midtown Video