The Jacksonville Center for the Arts is a development project in the city of Jacksonville, IL. Studio Two was hired as part of the team consulting on the project by the Palmer Wesport Group to provide analysis of the market, develop a marketing plan and create a foundation brand for the project to work with as it develops.

The project required an on-site visit with constituents and supporters of the project. We were charged with rapidly pulling together a comprehensive plan for marketing the center to the region as well as negotiating a narrow path towards a design solution that would enable the center to move ahead with fundraising.

An intensive two-day workshop and orientation in Jacksonville gave us a sense of the community and its culture, as well as regional competition and channels for marketing. We developed a report and supporting collateral and budget to supplement the overall feasibility report and plan.

Jacksonville Center for the Arts Media Plan 2016 v3_Page_02

Jacksonville Center for the Arts Media Plan 2016 v3_Page_03